Friends and Film is a casual podcast hosted by two film lovers. Hosted by Cooper Hood and Josh Straley, we occasionally are joined by guests to discuss the newest releases – whether those be giant blockbusters or small indies hopeful of awards consideration down the road. We’re available on SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and much more. We’re self-supported and do it out of love, so any feedback is greatly appreciated – especially by leaving us a review on Apple Podcasts! But, you can also send us your comments by visiting the Contact page.

After two years of doing the podcast, in an effort to grow and expand our horizons, Cooper and Josh are also rotating weekly written movie reviews as well. They try to always have at least one review that hits each week, but sometimes there could be many more. The rotating schedule applies to the movies we cover on the podcast too, but what else comes isn’t as planned. Josh loves tackling the obscure movies that are instantly available to you all on Netflix, while Cooper utilizes AMC Stubs as much as possible to stay up to date on what is in theaters.

Hopefully, we can provide you the reader/subscriber/fan with helpful movie commentary along the way. Thanks for being a friend to what we’re doing. We hope you enjoy our content!